How to Buy Bitcoin In 5 Easy Steps At The Worlds First Crypto Bank

Can’t find an exchange to buy Bitcoin at?

Intimidated by new “crypto” terminology?

Trying to get in on the craze, but don’t know where to begin?

Many are having the same issues, do don’t feel bad about it. Many have just been introduced to crypto currencies since their recent explosion, and many are confused. You are not alone.

We’re going to make it simple for you to get in on the action by following a few steps. Currently since demand has increased so drastically in the last few months, many exchanges have closed their doors to new registrants due to such a huge explosion in popularity.

We won’t go into “alt-coins” in this post, just how to get Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can then buy you any alt-coin you desire.

ALSO!!! Do NOT be intimidated by the new terms you may hear. This is just like opening up a bank account, or a paypal account. We’ve all done it multiple times, this is just with new terminology that you will understand as crypto gains popularity and becomes more mainstream in the world.

My best advice, get in now while its just starting. Don’t let a few terms you may not fully understand yet, hold you back from the best investment of your life.



So to cut right to it, I’ll show you how to sign up to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum during these hectic times.

Step 1 – Pick an Exchange (similar to opening an bank account)



First, head on over to Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin is interesting since they are trying to be the first regulated and authentic cryptocurrency world bank.They’ve issued over 65,000 crypto debit cards, and plan to launch their own ETF’s in the future (2019), so this is definitely a company worth watching in the next couple of years.

*If you are based in the US, and want a regulated and registered exchange, useĀ Gemini, and follow this guide.

Step 2 – Register A New Account

Enter your email in the field on the homepage, and click ‘Sign Up’.

On the next page, enter a password, make sure the terms and conditions are checked.


Check your email and click on the confirmation to activate your account.




Great job!!!! You’re half way there.

Now login with your new account.

You will see a few things, but please don’t be confused. Once successfully logged in, you will see your account dashboard. It will look something like this:


The individual tiles show the balance of each currency available through Spectrocoin. This of this as a bank account. Usually though, we only see one currency in our bank accounts, especially if your based in the US. You only see the US dollar amount. Since we’re dealing with multiple currencies, we see multiple currency balances.

First, obviously is Bitcoin, you can see this in the upper left corner of the tiles, and on the left sidebar.

All of your balances will be 0 right now, since we haven’t deposited any money.

Spectrocoin allows multiple different methods of depositing fiat currency, which is the cash distributed by your government, i.e. the US dollar.

Step 3 – Deposit USD, or Euro

Click on the “Deposit” option in the secondary menu bar.














You will now have to complete your profile to deposit Euro. Fill out the proper information in the form, and you will be able to move on into the next steps.

Once your profile is updated, you can now deposit cash using Payeer, or Perfect Money electronically.

Scroll down on the deposit options page to find Payeer and Perfect Money. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit, and click on the Payeer or Perfect Money icons at the bottom of the page. Transfer the funds to your Spectrocoin account.

*Any other methods of payment such as Visa, or Mastercard require verified accounts. If you would like to verify your account, in the upper right hand corner, click the dropdown menu and click verify to see if Spectrcoin is accepting verification for your country.

Now we can finally purchase Bitcoin!!! Hang in there!!!

Step 4 – Buy Bitcoin

Click on the ‘Exchange’ option in the secondary menu bar.


Enter the amount of Euro you would like to exchange for BTC. It will automatically calculate how much BTC you will receive.

Click the exchange button and WALLLA!!! You’re now the proud owner of Bitcoin.

Step 5 (optional) – Donate!

If you loved this step by step instruction, don’t forget to donate some of your new BTC šŸ™‚ I’d greatly appreciate it.Ā Just click “withdrawl” and withdraw the amount you’d like to donate to my address posted above. This is a great way to figure out how to send BTC to another wallet address.

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