Introducing: ICE Asset Management App

ICE Asset Management App

Hello all,

We at L3O Studios have been busy creating the latest asset management and tracking software, ICE.

ICE makes it easy to run multiple warehouses with ease, and to create unlimited locations. You can also create unlimited users and assign laptops, tablets, smartphones or other internal assets to your employees to keep track of them.

One of the best features of ICE is that it runs on any device! No more expensive, single use hardware to keep track of. Just use your ordinary smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet to keep track of all of your business assets.

Check out the new ICE Asset Management App website or contact us to request a demo.

ICE Asset Management App has a simple and easy user interface. It has been designed from the ground up to be an ‘all device’ app capable of running on every device, including tablets, laptops, desktops and smart phones. In addition, ICE is compatible with all platforms; whether you have a Windows phone, a Windows computer, a Macbook or an iPhone, this is the right asset management software for you. 


Don’t let this simple design fool you- Powered by the latest web technologies, ICE delivers fast and effective software solutions to asset management. We run the app on our own servers, which have been beefed up to run at top speeds. This means no more waiting for loading bars and slow running computers.

If you are in the market for a new solution to asset management, ICE offers a simplistic and powerful one.

Click on the link above to contact us and request a demo today.


-L3O Studios
*iOS devices cannot use the device camera to scan QR codes. A free third party QR code scanner is required to be downloaded from the App Store.

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