Tokia – The No-Fee, Crypto Currency, Lending Platform, With Offline Storage

Today we are going over a new platform currently in it’s ICO called TOKIA.

So whats so special about this exchange vs. all of the other exchanges currently available?

Well, Tokia makes bold and extensive claims that it will not only serve as a currency exchange for multiple crypto currencies, but will also serve as a lending platform which users will be able to earn interest, buy bitcoins easily, maintain a mobile wallet which can store multiple currencies within the exchange, and all by using a debit card for direct crypto purchases.

Tokia refers to itself as the “Forever Free” exchange. Now this claim sounds too good to be true, and it of course, is. There is a catch, but not something which breaks the deal for me. In order to have free trades, you must purchase Tokia tokens (TKA) and are able to trade up to 10x the amount of tokens you currently hold. Now this does mean you will need some start-up capital in order to use the free services for the exchange, but if you have the extra cash to invest, it will definitely be worth it.

Tokia - debit card







As stated in their whitepaper, “TOKIA has three elements, a wallet, an exchange, and a direct crypto payment card.” These three items will serve to simply crytpo operations such as making purchases, exchanging coins and purchasing coins from your bank account. Their vision is to bring crypto into the very similar world of fiat currencies, and provide a simple, easy (and familiar) to use technologies rather than use cryptic hashes to send your coin.

One of the most exciting things about this new company is the fact that they are attempting to streamline the consumer process for crypto currencies and make them more mainstream. I have supported many coins like this in the past, and even the early crypto companies who would allow you to pay for good and services (sometimes even taxes) with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. TOKIA will make this possible with the many alt-coins they will support in the near future. The company has also stayed on course with its roadmap and is shaping up to be something worth investing in or at least keeping an eye on in the future.

We will be watching TOKIA here at L3O Studios.

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